Little Forest Centre


Facilities at Little Forest Centre

We have six classrooms which cater for a maximum of eight children per class with an
assistant and a facilitator in each. Four of these classrooms have ensuite toileting facilities
and the remaining two classrooms make use of the toilets at the end of the corridor.
Our classrooms have limited visual distractions on the walls and any visual stimuli required
are placed on the designated vision board. This allows our children to focus on the tasks
required of them.

Sensory areas are made available to children in each class and may include a dark space, a
bean bag, weighted toys, or even a Pilates ball.


Our fully equipped therapy gym allows for gross motor and sensory areas to be integrated into our lessons. This area also caters for indoor play areas should the weather not beconducive to outdoor play time.

Our gym doubles as our school hall as well as a training centre should the need for these arise.


Our library is used regularly by all learners in the school who take books home on a weekly basis.

Books are also used as teaching tools and visual aids in our weekly themes.

A book swap facility is available to any parents who are avid readers as well.

We have a large playground with two wooden jungle gyms, trampolines, and a huge sandpit.

This area is mostly covered in trees which allows for shaded play areas in the hot summer months.


We have two speech therapy rooms on site and a gate linking us to The Children’s Therapy Centre next door.

This allows these therapists to collect and return children for a range of therapies during the school day.