Little Forest Centre



Little Forest Centre aims to facilitate communication and learning for children with a variety of severe communication and developmental difficulties. Specialised teachers and an individualised curriculum allows for children to learn and grow within their capabilities.

At Little Forest Centre, each child is treated holistically and according to their individual needs in order to reach their full potential.



Little Forest Centre welcomes any child who is unable to learn in a traditional or remedial setting, who requires an intense and structured learning environment. Teaching is provided with English as the medium of instruction. There is no admission assessment required, however, reports from therapists or referring professionals are preferred to give us an idea of the level each child presents at. LFC is not a respite centre and therefore not suited to severely handicapped individuals. Children of all abilities levels are accepted as each child is assessed individually, and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is tailor made for each child. 

Individualised education plans, and as much one on one facilitation as possible, allows children to learn at their own pace while still having the benefit of social interactions within a classroom setting. This teaching methodology is facilitated by teachers with a therapeutic background, who have an in-depth knowledge of how
children develop as well as the needs and challenges these children face. The education plans also follow the national curriculum (D-CAPS) as far as possible, to allow our children to attend more formal education when they are ready. The centre accommodates children from 18 months up to the age of twelve years. Thereafter, suitable placement for them will be sourced where they can continue their academic or vocational journey.

“No matter how bent a tree may be, it still continues to grow, and if supported properly, can grow strong and steady. This is my dream for all the children in my Little Forest, that they can receive the support they need to grow strong and steady.”

Kate More, Founder of Little Forest


On 9 September 2022, our beautiful centre burnt down.

Little Forest Centre started back in 2020, pre-lockdown in the original building and grew into the special family we are today.

The existing building may have gone in the disastrous fire, but our family remained. There was no choice, we rose from the ashes, better and stronger than ever, for our children.