Little Forest Centre aims to help children with specific communication needs to socialise and integrate as well as develop language in a functional and practical environment. The brain child of Speech and Language Therapist, Kate More, this small centre aims to cater for children whose lack of communication skills cannot be accommodated in mainstream teaching due to these children's special communication needs.


Kate More

Owner / Director 

Speech Therapist

Kate has a masters degree in speech therapy with a certificate in Dylsexia management and is PROMPT trained. 

With 15 years of clinical experience in South Africa and abroad, Kate has a special interest in complex pediatric communication difficulties. 

Kate has four children and loves spending time drawing and gardening.

Nicole Ferriera

Teacher / Speech Therapist

Nicole graduated from the University of Pretoria with a degree as Speech-Language Therapist after which she completed her Community Service year in Bloemfontein.

She is passionate about special needs and pediatrics and strives to help them grow and achieve their highest potentials.

She is a shy extrovert so loves being around people, but takes time to feel comfortable with being herself.

She enjoys a good book and can’t start her day without a cup of coffee.

"I’m so excited to be joining Little Forest Centre as I know I will learn as much from the children as they will from me."

Zulaikha Goolam

Teacher / Speech Therapist

Zulaikha is a passionate speech therapist. She completed her community service in Robertson in the Western Cape and is now spreading her wings to gain further experience in the pediatric population. Zulaikha strives to do better for others and believes in advocating for a voice for all, specifically those with special needs. 

In her spare time, Zulaikha enjoys creative tasks and broadening her knowledge through research and additional courses. 

Zulaikha views this venture as her opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the kids whom are at our school.